about morton bay community legal service


When our service began on the 3rd of May, 1995 we provided 135 consultations in the first year. From that the service has consistently grown. Following our relocation to our current premises at Caboolture on the 12th June 2014, our consultations increased to more than 1,600 in the following year. For the year prior to COVID-19 we provided over 2000 consultations to the people of the Moreton Bay community. With the onset of Covid-19, we have adapted to the changing times and have modified our service methods to meet the community’s needs by providing legal advice and assistance by telephone, email and zoom.

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Our continued commitment to our guiding philosophy of providing free and confidential legal services to the marginalised, vulnerable, and disadvantaged members of our community through the principal foundations of co-operation and self-help has cultivated and maintained the trust of the community.  By encouraging individuals to develop an understanding of the issues and processes affecting them, we are able to empower our clients to deal with the legal issues before them.

MBRCLS is a free legal service provider in the Moreton Bay region.  Our dedicated team of volunteer solicitors and reception/administration staff devote their time and skills to meeting the legal needs of the Moreton Bay regional community.


Our Mission remains unchanged in providing free and confidential legal services to individuals, including the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised members of our community by:

  • Delivering legal advice, and where appropriate referring clients to alternative services.
  • Assisting clients to understand the legal issues confronting them and empowering them to deal with the legal issues through co-operation and self-help, and
  • By being the first point of entry to accessing legal advice and referral services

We Value:


Which extends beyond our clients to MBRCLS personnel, encouraging thoughtful decision-making in an empowered environment.


To both clients and MBRCLS personnel promoting growth in both their skills and abilities.


Honesty, openness, and truthfulness in our team as a means of achieving our goals.


Working together as an inclusive and cohesive team building strong bonds and loyalty through shared events.